Just a few comments from the many amazing people I've had the pleasure of working with!

Wow!! Kim, you truley have a gift from God! I had a peek at all of your photos and I am completely blown away!! I will most definately pass along your name without reservation.

Kerry-Lynn Walford

Quotes Kim is amazing! I hired her to create a mural for my son’s “hockey room” and it turned out amazing. She came up with the idea and implemented it perfectly. It was done from start to finish in 2 days. It is a feature on our house tour when we have guests. I would highly recommend Kim. You won’t be disappointed. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative Lezlie McDermott hired Kimberly in 2008.

Leslie McDermott, Sams locker room

Quotes You have done many rooms in our home…..each one is very unique , everyone that comes into our home just love what you have done…..my husband especially loves your art work on our walls ….he no longer has to paint or wallpaper ever again….this is art and who in their right mind would ever paint or wallpaper over this unique art work that has made our house so special to us and everyone else that has seen it….thanks Kim you are a very talented woman!!!

Elaine C. ...very satisfied customer and friend.


You are so very talented – this is amazingly beautiful! All I can say is WOW!!

Amanda Chamberlain

Oh my GOSH!!!!!! Holy STUNNING!!!!!

Karen Hird- Kazarian

Wow. Thats fantastic

Christian Martel

That is crazy beautiful! Wow!  beautiful project! […] incredibly talented lady […] Really lovely work!

Fiona Sinclair

I had done many woodworking projects in my life but nothing like this. Wow. Impressive

David Wood

Really beautiful. And it’s uniqueness makes it that much more beautiful! And totally unlike any other home anywhere.

Heather Briand Roy

Kim. We had a fabulous rededication and open house last night and I can’t tell you enough how impressed everyone was with the painting that you did in our foyer. The Director, trustees, parents, the Bishop, were amazed! I will talk to you soon about some more painting.

Stephany B, Elementary school principal

You are unbelievably talented Kimberly Rideout Dreamscenes!

Felicia Gimza, Interior Designer

This is the most intricate thing I’ve ever seen in stairs. Kim you are so talented. You did an awesome job!

Dee Doble, Entrepreneur

Check out [..]Kimberly’s so awesome staircase she did for her client! Very amazing! Those stairs are stellar! Everyone should see them. I think this piece should be in a Toronto Star or Globe and Mail spread or in a H&G mag don’t you!

Mandy Wright

Wow, amazing! It should be illegal for one person to have that much talent.!

Lisa Webber

That is spectacular! Just gorgeous, you are so talented Kim

Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Beautiful artwork by a beautiful woman!!!!

Tracy Fleming